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About the Artist

    Hi, my name is Iva J Boura and I am a local Va Artist.  Mother of 6 wonderful children who have, throughout my life, been an inspiration to pursue my passion.   

     In my younger days I traveled with a pencil and pad. It became my photobook of memories. As I got older I began painting with acrylics on canvas; Some of the sketches from my youth have been brought to life in color and I love it! I'm a messy painter, if you don't have paint everywhere when you do art then you're not having fun!

  Quarentina Art was born from the free time of Pandemic 2020. Encouraged by my Aunt Moe, who has been a successful business owner of Mystical Horizon's, I've decided to turn my art into something that can be used everyday.  

     My passion for art has always leaned on the imperfections of the world as well as the people within it.  We are not perfect, so my free hand paintings accentuate the realisms of imperfections in our imperfect world.  

   Join me on my first step down the path of living my dream. I Hope you enjoy the art and find one (or more) that inspire you as well.