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Rocks and Jewish Culture

For thousands of years, we have used rocks and stones of varying sizes in their burial rituals and traditions,   Jewish tradition is the custom of placing pebbles, stones, and small rocks on Jewish graves.


The Custom

Jewish tradition, mourners visiting the gravesite of a loved one will often place a visiting stone on the top of headstone. or somewhere on the gravesite itself.  The rocks and stones vary in size. 

It is not uncommon to see a few pebbles or rocks to a veritable "mountain" of visitor stones denoting previous visits from family members, friends and loved ones who honored the deceased with their presence.

Quarentina Art

Our line of painted rocks is inspired by my culture's tradition of rocks. I aim to celebrate the living in a similar fashion with inspirational and unique art that can be placed anywhere.  A simple reminder of how beautiful life is and to cherish the time we have.  You can also use for remembrance of a loved one at their gravesite.  However you chose to use your painted rock is up to you!  Either way I pray they are a blessing to you.

Painting Background

This painting was done of my Grandmother's gravesite.  The stones and pebbles have been collection throughout the years.  Her burial is not  close to home.  This canvas painting is a way I can keep her close to me.